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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer from UTHSC Aquatics Department


UTHSC Aquatics offers a variety of private swim packages to fit your swimmers needs!

Ranging from beginning swimming to competitive and advanced triathlete coaching, the aquatics department can provide you with a custom fit instructor or coach!.

Our private swim program endorses learning to swim using competitive stroke mechanics. Swimmers will learn the basics of competitive strokes using a variety of equipment and drills. The program is designed to accommodate students of varying skill levels, from very basic beginners to advanced competitive swimmers.

This is a great gift to hustle your prospective swimmer into the spring season!
See below for package details and contact Aquatics Coordinator Erin Jennings via email at erinjennings@uthsc.edu, or call 901- 448-2766 to register!

Beginning/ Intermediate/ Advanced Children and Adults

With a one-to-one student teacher ratio, each swimmer will move at their own pace with the instructor and work exclusively at their own skill level.
Private lessons provide focus on the individual needs of each swimmer to ensure an efficient approach to teaching and learning.

$50 per hour
Package of 6 – $270

$25 per half hour
Package of 6 – $135

Private Specialty Programs

Competitive Fast Track
These private sessions focus explicitly on teaching children how to meet the minimum requirements for swimming on a competitive team. This includes basic conditioning as well as teaching legal swimming according to standards set by US Swimming.
Prerequisite: Swimmers must be able to swim 10-15 yards comfortably

Fitness Swimming for Adults
Fitness swimming for adults will focus on developing skills that will allow the swimmer to build skills that will allow them to swim for fitness and wellbeing. The skill level for this class will target those who are seeking basic fitness swimming skills and light swim workouts.
Prerequisite: Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards comfortably

Triathlete Coaching
This program offers stroke analysis by experienced coaches in order to diagnose and correct inefficient swimming, precise drills to correct your stroke for more efficient and easier swimming, and training fundamentals for distance and sprint triathlon swimming. For beginning, intermediate, and advanced triathletes.
Prerequisite: Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards comfortably 


$60 per hour
Package of 6 – $325

$30 per half hour
Package of 6 – $160