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It’s 2022 and I’m Buried in Paperwork – Help!


It’s not 1984 anymore. Yes, you have a need to hold on to certain paperwork – it’s just the way things are.

But is there an easier way than having filing cabinets take up precious office space?

Do you wish there was an easy way to find the exact document you need without spending 30 minutes searching and suffering paper cuts?

We have a solution!

OnBase is UTHSC’s document storage system and workflow system.

Okay, what does that mean?

It means

  • Ricoh comes to retrieve and scan your documents
  • Ricoh converts them to a digital format that is then put into OnBase

Once your documents are in an electronic format, it is like a database – you can search for the document by name, serial number, address – whatever fields or keywords you designate.

You can also use workflows. It helps move things along smoothly and efficiently! No more trying to remember that you need to get that document to the boss for a signature by Friday. Just add it in as part of the workflow. and your job is done!

A bonus is that your documents are now safe! Only those with access to view them CAN view them.

Sound like something you would be interested in learning more about? Complete an OnBase Request for a Consultation Session, and we will help you decide if OnBase is the solution for you!