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IRB Revised Consent Form Templates


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) has developed the following revised consent form templates that meet the revised Common Rule requirements:
• Main Consent Form
• Repository Consent Form
• Consent Disclosure Statement

**Please note: Consent forms for studies that are/were UTHSC IRB-approved BEFORE January 21, 2019 do NOT have to be revised according to the new consent form templates.

Visit our website to download the new templates in order to draft consent forms for new study application submissions to the IRB: https://www.uthsc.edu/research/compliance/irb/researchers/consent-forms.php

[Due to a website error the past week, the “old” May 2018 versions of the templates were downloading instead of the new versions dated 12/1/18. If you downloaded them in the past week, please ensure the revision date at the top of the template is 12/1/18, or visit our website to download them again.]

Thank you,
IRB Administration