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Internet Security Flaw


A few days ago a flaw in one of the tools (called OpenSSL) used to secure Internet traffic was made public. The flaw allows a potential attacker to capture usernames, passwords, and other information.

This is a serious vulnerability and many IT teams have been working to patch the flaw on the many vulnerable systems, including systems from Google and Facebook.  Here are some things you can do while systems are being patched:

  • Make sure you have applied the latest security patches for your home computers and your mobile devices.
  • Many experts recommend to change passwords as a preventive measure. ¬†This includes your NetID password.
  • Be VERY suspicious of any emails asking you to change passwords and encourage you to click on a link embedded in the email. Legitimate emails will NEVER ask you to divulge information such as password, Social Security number, or bank-account information.