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Information Security TIP OF THE WEEK – World Password Day 2020!


This one may not have been on your radar, but the first Thursday in May is WORLD PASSWORD DAY! Take this time to think about the passwords you use, and when was the last time you reviewed them.

* A strong password should be a combination of characters such as commas, per cent signs, parentheses, upper-case letters, lower-case letters and numbers.

* Make your password as long as possible, to make it extremely tedious for a brute force attacker to crack your password. (Note, passwords of around three letters take less than a second to crack)

* Do not use a word that would be in the dictionary or letters that are sequential on a keyboard. If your passphrase does not make any sense then it harder to crack.

* First write up a random passphrase and then going letter by letter keep adding either a upper-case letter, a number or a symbol.

Do not use obvious details like your name, date of birth, place where you live in the password. All of that can easily be discovered online.

*Enable two-factor authentication. This will help you even if your password gets compromised, as the hacker would need your smartphone to gain access.

*Do not keep one password for all your accounts, as it will become the master key to your life, which if lost, will have serious consequences.

Stay safe everyone!