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Information Security TIP OF THE WEEK – Securing that Home Network


This week’s tip is about your home network and ALLLLLLLL the devices that are on that network. While we tend to concentrate on UTHSC information, with a majority of our campus studying and working from home, take a moment to think about your home network and how to keep it safe.

The three top things you can do to secure your home network are:

  1. change your device’s default password. Whether it is a router, gateway, or whatever name your internet provider uses, if you haven’t changed the password on it, then it is already known outside of your home. 
  2. keep the software up-to-date. 
  3. if you don’t use the remote access feature, disable it. 

Think about all the devices that are on your network right now. Not just the computer you are using right now, how about the computers of all the family members stuck inside with you.  Their mobile devices (smart phones, kindles, watches, etc.).  How about smart appliances, such as your TV or refrigerator? Gaming platforms? Baby or pet cameras?  There are probably more devices on your network that you think. 

Check those privacy settings on that router or gateway and do your best to keep your information and devices private. 

Stay safe!