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Information Security TIP OF THE WEEK


Part one:

You have been advised time and again not to share your password with anyone.  That’s great! You know it and live it.  But what happens when someone asks for it?  You know not to give it out, but what do you say to this person (on the phone or in front of you)?  You don’t what to be “rude”, you want to be accommodating, you are starting to stress because you don’t know how to respond.

Here is your response:  “I have been told never to share my password with anyone. I will not give it to you.”  THE END

If they insist, simple repeat the script. It is all you need to say.

Part two:

This campus cannot be protected without the you the people.  And yes, I mean you – each and every single one of you. It is so invaluable when a scam or phishing email is reported to abuse@uthsc.edu.  As soon as it is reported, we go to work.  If it is a link to a bad URL, we work with Networking to block the site  so no one can get to it while on our network.  If it is a wide-spread attack or a malicious download, we work with Systems to remove the email from everyone’s inbox so that no one has to even see it. Timeliness is the key.  The sooner we know, the sooner we can act. Most of the time, the bad people don’t send the bad emails to us personally, so we don’t know about it until someone reports it.

So, the big, well deserved THANK YOU goes out to everyone who reports these phishes and scams to abuse@uthsc.edu.  Your help is appreciated more than you know.  We invite everyone to send in your suspicious emails.  Even if you are unsure, forward to us.  We’ll let you know if it is legitimate.  Better safe than sorry!