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How to Make Calls Whether You Are on RingCentral or Not!


Whoops!  We spoke too soon about RingCentral! A previous Daily Digest announcement said everyone needed to use 10-digit dialing, but that’s not entirely true. Users who have not gone to RingCentral need to dial a 9, then use 10-digit dialing.

To ensure you reach your colleagues on the first try:

  • If you are not on RingCentral, you will need to dial 9 and then 901-448-#### to reach your campus contacts. Treat campus calls like you are making an outside call.
  • If you are on RingCentral, use Contacts or just dial the 10-digit (901-448-####) number to call on campus.

This is temporary until everyone on campus has been moved to RingCentral.