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How Do I Earn Swift Trust in my Online Classes?


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“Swift trust”: This concept was born in the business world, but it’s one that holds great promise for your online classroom.

Swift trust is a kind of relationship-building concept designed for use in quick-starting, short-duration groups or teams, as a substitute for the kind of trust typically built over long periods of time. It encourages participants to believe in both the good intentions and the efficacy of their leader and their group.

What better formula for putting an online class in the position to collaborate, interact, and learn effectively? In this 20-Minute Mentor program, you’ll discover how to use swift-trust techniques to build a healthy atmosphere of trust and confidence from the very outset of your courses.

Learning goals

Participating in this information-packed seminar will give you the insights you need to:

  • Define “swift trust” and articulate its value in an online classroom
  • Create a learning community in which your students gain confidence and trust in you and their classmates
  • Adopt trust-building communication habits
  • Develop exercises to increase students’ comfort with coursework
  • Practice feedback methods that students value

Topics covered

During this 20-Minute Mentor presentation, you’ll learn how to apply trust-building principles in a broad range of online course interactions, including:

  • Classroom introductions
  • Collaborative exercises
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Course policies and syllabi
  • Assessments
  • Feedback
  • Communication channels