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How Can Promoting Academic Integrity Improve Learning Outcomes for Students?


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Cheating and its related issues have been studied extensively for decades. There’s an overwhelming amount of literature on the topic. However, results from the past and the present confirm that cheating has been and continues to be a serious problem in higher education. This program explores a straightforward approach to combating academic dishonesty in the classroom through changing the focus from one of preventing cheating to one of promoting academic integrity. By adopting new ways of communicating about academic integrity, learn to reduce cheating in your classroom.


After this program, participants will be able to:

  • Change the focus from anti-cheating to pro-integrity
  • Encourage communication and honesty in your students
  • Communicate expectations clearly to your students


  • Defining cheating
  • How cheating hurts students
  • Role of academic integrity within the academy
  • Academic integrity by example
  • Preventing cheating