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How Can Livestreaming Bring New Life to My Teaching?


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Livestreaming can reenergize teaching, research, projects, departments and units, and institutions. Younger generations especially crave the raw, authentic viewpoints that livestreaming provides, and all audiences like the “behind-the-scenes” and “insider access” that going live enables.

If you want your academic unit or institution to be known as “cutting edge,” you must keep up with the channels used for disseminating information. Livestreaming is not only mainstream now, it’s expected from many audiences.

Purchase the How Can Livestreaming Bring New Life to My Teaching? 20-Minute Mentor, presented by Jill Schiefelbein. You’ll learn the basics of livestreaming, how to set up a stream, and how going live can help you achieve multiple institutional objectives.


During this program, you’ll learn:

  • Why livestreaming is a lucrative practice across multiple institutional objectives
  • How to get started with livestreaming, including the technical tools and platforms
  • How livestreamed video can be repurposed after the “live” event


Topics covered include:

  • What livestreaming is, the outcomes it can provide for students (and beyond), and the reasons this type of content dissemination and sharing is so engaging
  • The basics of livestreaming opportunities like Facebook and YouTube, and how the same principles used on these platforms can apply to other technologies that your institution may already have in place
  • Methods for repurposing livestream videos into your courses, for your departments/institutions, and to help establish your instructional brand