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How Can I Resolve Difficult Situations in the Classroom?


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The anonymity of the online classroom can be liberating. It can also give rise to unintentional and intentional bad behavior including microaggressions and bullying. In this program, learn to recognize microaggressions and bullying in the online classroom and explore a strategy to effectively address these issues if and when they arise.

In this 20-minute session, acquire practical strategies for diffusing conflict and how to apply it to the online classroom.


  • By the end of the mentor, participants will be able to:
  • Identify microaggressions and bullying in the online environment
  • Understand the impact of microaggressions on learners
  • Learn how to craft an effective strategy for diffusing conflict and apply it to the online classroom


  • The definition of microaggression and examples of it in the online classroom
  • The definition of bullying and examples of how it might appear in the online classroom
  • Strategies for dealing with conflict in the online classroom
  • Application of the strategies to examples of microaggressions and bullying