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How Can I Gain Valuable Insight from Course Evaluations?


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Surveys have shown that faculty members in the middle of their careers are often dissatisfied with the way their institutions handle end-of-course ratings. Evaluations may provide some value, but they often lack the details that help faculty improve and reach their full potential as teachers.

How Can I Gain Valuable Insight from Course Evaluations? explores this problem candidly, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of current evaluation techniques. The presentation provides multiple tools and school-tested advice for making course evaluations more accurate and informative for faculty members, as well as tips for generating useful feedback from students.


Come to a clearer understanding of your identity as a teacher and the steps you can take to grow and develop as an educator.

After viewing this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Use student feedback to hone strategic teaching techniques
  • Identify aspects of your teaching that need to improve
  • Develop a strong belief that you can change and improve based on feedback
  • Focus on changes related to teaching first, not promotions and tenure
  • Help students participate more fully in the learning process
  • Seek out positive behaviors to develop professionally


This 20-Minute Mentor discusses the qualities necessary for constructive feedback, such as specifics, details, and timeliness.

You’ll see how to use guided self-reflection to improve. You’ll see the benefit of focusing on one aspect of your teaching and not a global assessment of the entire course. You’ll also receive supplemental resources, articles, and checklists, including a tool designed by the presenter herself to deepen your understanding and upgrade the level of feedback you receive.