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How Can I Attract and Retain Adjunct Online Faculty?


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As the demand for online education continues to grow, so do faculty capacity issues, often making it necessary for universities to implement alternatives for serving the ever-expanding online student community. One way to curb faculty capacity strain—without impacting the student-teacher ratio at your institution—is to hire adjunct instructors for online education offerings. But this doesn’t come without its challenges.

Different adjuncts come with different qualifications, so in order to ensure the most capable online teachers are hired, administrators must understand the traits to look for during the hiring process and the incentives that motivate and retain these instructors.

Purchase the How Can I Attract and Retain Adjunct Online Faculty? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by Ann Taylor, PhD. You’ll receive insight into the five distinct profiles of adjuncts, learn what motivates them, and discover tips about determining which type of adjunct is best suited to teach at your institution.


In an easy-to-understand format, Taylor walks you through strategies for better attracting quality adjunct faculty to teach online, methods for determining the most qualified adjuncts, and how to effectively retain them.

During this program, you’ll learn:

  • Enrollment trends in online education
  • Common faculty capacity issues facing higher education institutions and the strategies used to address those issues when growing online programs
  • How to use adjunct faculty to deal with faculty capacity woes while maintaining quality online programming
  • The research-driven incentives most likely to motivate adjuncts to teach online
  • How incentives can be used for retention purposes


Topics covered include:

  • The growth in online education
  • Faculty capacity issues
  • The five types of adjuncts
  • Pairing adjunct style with your program’s teaching needs
  • Top incentives for attracting and retaining each adjunct type
  • Criteria to include in job postings