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Getting into a Zoom Meeting


You’re the Meeting Host

If you are hosting a meeting with non-UT guests or infrequent Zoom users, you may want to uncheck the authentication. This option is checked by default for additional HIPAA security features and requires that the participants be logged in using the “Sign in with SSO” option. If you are hosting a meeting with non-UT guests, you may want to uncheck the authentication by selecting Schedule Meeting on your Zoom home page and turning on Waiting Rooms to still have security for your meeting.

Also, be sure to remind your UTHSC attendees they must log in using the SSO option.

You’re a UTHSC Attendee

Make sure you sign in using the SSO option and not with an email and a password. Learn more about how to sign in to Zoom with SSO.

Learn more in our I Was in Two Other Zoom Meetings Today, but I Cannot Join This One! TechConnect knowledge base article.