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Enrollment Open for “Serving The Underserved”


Hello All,

Enrollment is now open for “Serving The Underserved” Fall 2018!

Some of you will have already heard about Serving The Underserved from classmates and professors.  If you haven’t, STU is a 7 week certificate course that is all about exactly what the name suggests.  It is a course with a mission, a mission to ensure that we serve all, that we listen to all, and that we do so in a way that changes lives and communities for the better.  STU is sponsored by Church Health and Methodist Healthcare.

Registration starts now!

Follow this link:


There, you can see more about the course and fill out the form to apply.  If you apply, you will hear back from me by email.  I will give you next steps at that time.

The course will be on Wednesday nights at 6pm for about 2 hours, starting on Wed, Oct 3 and ending on Wed, Nov 14.  We will not meet together on Wed, Oct 31.  This year’s course does have a 2 hour volunteer service requirement.  All classes will be at Crosstown Concourse on Cleveland, just a few minutes away from UTHSC.  A syllabus will be forthcoming to enrolled students.

Apply now if you’d like to be there!  We already have a waiting list to honor.  Those students will fill the first open slots, and the rest will fill quickly.

Feel free to write or call if you have questions or ideas.

I look forward to seeing you!


Chaplain Jonathan Lewis

Coordinator, Faith Health Collaborative Student Group



(901) 516-0990