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Empower Retirement One on One Counseling Sessions: October, 22-23 & 31st 2018!


Hello! Allan Landstreet, your dedicated representative for Retire Ready TN, which provides your 401k & 457 plan will be on campus: October 22nd & 23rd (910 Madison, 7th Floor in HR). On October 31st he will be available during The Life Planning Seminar by appointment (in the SAC Room 207).

Retirement reviews include detailed information about your Pension Benefit (TCRS) and 401k/457 benefit. This also includes a review of your investment strategy and appropriate recommendations for you. Reviews help you stay on track to meet your goals whether you are five years or thirty years from retirement. Please follow the instructions below to reserve your spot!

Step 1 – Go to www.retirereadytn.gov

Step 2 – Click – Resources located in the top right corner.

Step 3 – Select – schedule a counseling appointment

Step 4 – Click – schedule a meeting

Step 5 – Type in your work zip code 38103, Select 1 on 1 from drop down and click search – this could take  1 -2 minutes

Step 6 – Your location will populate and there are several meeting times to choose from.

Step 7 – Click Register – Click Reserve your spot

Step 8 – Enter in your information and click Register

Once Registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

**If an error message occurs, that means that all available meetings have been filled and you will need to schedule another day. Please send an email to: allan.landstreet@empower-retirement.com if that happens to you!

Thank you!