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Department of Pathology Research Principal Investigator Receives Recognition from Office of Research Safety


Please join the Office of Research Safety in congratulating Dr. Lawrence Pfeffer and his staff in receiving the “Most Outstanding Annual Laboratory Safety Inspection” for 2018 in the Department of Pathology Research.
The Office of Research Safety conducts annual laboratory safety inspections, as required by numerous regulators, of each Principal Investigator in each department to verify that the PI and their staff are in compliance with various federal, state and UT Policies (1.e. OSHA, EPA, DOT, NRC, NIH, training and etc.). The inspection has a grading scale that consists of major issues and minor issues. Once the inspection has been completed the scores are tallied. The PI with the highest score within each department receives a framed certificate that states they are the recipient of “The Most Outstanding Annual Laboratory Safety Inspection” in their department for the current year. The Office of Research Safety presents the certificate to the Department Chair where they can present this achievement during a departmental staff meeting to the recipient.
The presenting of the achievement certificate is a way of recognizing the hard work and dedication of the PI and their staff at maintaining a safe and compliant work environment, as well as some friendly competition between the PIs within each department.