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Cybersecurity – TIP of the Week – Worried about Ransomware? Try the 3-2-1 Defense


The threat of ransomware is becoming more and more real. Whether the bad guys get in through a phishing email or by exploiting a vulnerability due to an unpatched machine, the idea that our/your data is locked up and can’t be accessed is a scary one.

What is the 3-2-1 defense?  It is pretty easy actually.

  • 3 copies of important data on
  • 2 different types of media, with at least
  • 1 of these copies off-site. 

What does this mean to you?  Take tax returns for example. You use software to create and file your federal income tax return. You store one copy on the computer you are using. Print out another copy and keep it in a secure place inside the home. Copy the electronic file to an encrypted external hard drive, thumb drive, USB stick and store that at a family member’s house. 3-2-1.

If you have any questions about ransomware or any other cybersecurity topic, the Office of Cybersecurity can be reached at itsecurity@uthsc.edu or 9001.448.1880.

Stay safe!