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Cybersecurity Tip of the Week – What is Typosquatting?


Typosquatting attempts to take advantage of typographical errors (i.e. “typos”) when users type URLs directly into the address bar. By capitalizing on user error, cyber threat actors funnel unsuspecting users to illegitimate domains that closely mimic originals. This tactic involves the purchase and registration of domains similar to an existing domain. Typosquatters often target high-traffic and/or sensitive websites to exploit the greatest number of users.

Use caution when looking at links to make sure the URL is EXACTLY what you expect it to be. Also, use caution when typing. The bad actors know what common mistakes are often made. 

Can you spot the difference between citybank.com and cityb╬▒nk.com?

(the “a” in bank is another symbol)