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Cybersecurity Tip of the Week – Secure Your Zoom Meetings


Zoom Bombing, when uninvited “guests” show up and disrupt your Zoom meeting, is happening more frequently on campus. Reported disruptions include vulgar language in the chat feature and inappropriate views when their camera was turned on. 

ITS has developed some Zoom security pages in our TechConnect Knowledge Base (KB) to help secure your Zoom meetings.

Also, here are some tips with links directly to Zoom Support to help keep these meetings in UTHSC’s hands. 

Meeting Settings:

  • Enable Require a password when scheduling new meetings or webinars through the Meeting tab of your Settings. Participants will then be required to enter a password to join the meeting. See Meeting and Webinar Passwords for more information.
  • Send participants to the Waiting Room. (Meetings only) Only the host can allow participants in the Waiting Room into the live meeting. See Waiting Room for more information.
  • Disable Join before hosts to ensure participants are not able to join the meeting before the host arrives. See Scheduling meetings for more information.
  • Disable In Meeting Chat through your Profile settings. Here you can toggle off allowing participants to chat. This is also where you can prevent users from saving chat. See Disabling In-Meeting Chat for more information.
  • Ensure only hosts can share their screen through Settings by un-checking Participants under Who can Share? See Managing participants in a meeting for more information. This is on by default.
  • Disable File Transfer in Settings, which will ensure participants are not allowed to share files in the in-meeting chat during the meeting. See In-Meeting File Transfer for more information.
  • Stop a participant’s video stream to ensure participants are not on video through Manage Participants. See Managing participants in a meeting for more information.
  • Click to Mask phone numbers in the participant list through the Telephone tab in Settings. This masks all telephone numbers called into the meeting.

Settings when scheduling your meeting or webinar:

  • Mute all participants that are already in the meeting and new participants joining the meeting through Manage Participants. You will be asked to confirm if you’d like to allow participants to unmute themselves. You can choose to uncheck this option. See Mute All And Unmute All for more information.
  • Lock your meeting allows hosts to lock the meeting right at the start (or when enough attendees have joined). At the point a meeting is locked, no other participants are able to join the meeting. See Can I Restrict My Meeting Capacity for more information.
  • Put participants On Hold through Manage Participants while in a meeting. When a user is put on hold, they will be taken out of the meeting until the host clicks to take the user off hold. See Attendee On Hold for more information.
  • Disable private chat through Manage Participants. This prohibits participants from private chatting with other participants. See In-Meeting Chat for more information.