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Cybersecurity – TIP of the Week – Never Reuse Passwords – Consider a Password Manager


If you reuse passwords, a breach of one account becomes a breach for all of your accounts. Never reuse your passwords.

Easier said than done? Consider using a password manager.

According to research done by NordPass, a password manager company, the average person had 70-80 passwords in 2020. Anyone would be tempted to reuse passwords for different accounts. No one can remember that many, especially if the accounts are ones not frequented daily. A password manager can help.

Password managers are just what the name implies. They help manage passwords. They can create long, complex passwords for you and store ones you create yourself, all within an encrypted vault. When you need a password to access an account, the password manager has it for you (without looking at a sticky note).

Word of caution – you need a good password for your password manager and you must remember it.  You cannot access all those passwords you stored without it.

The Office of Cybersecurity does not have a specific recommendation for a password manager, but PC Magazine has conducted a good evaluation on what is on the market now.

Stay safe and #BeCyberSmart