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Cybersecurity TIP of the Week – Block scammers to reduce the risk of them contacting you again


You got an email/text/phone call/instant message that you know is a scam. What do you do? First, don’t respond to them in any way. By responding to a scam in whatever format they try to contact you, you let them know that there is an actual person at the other end. You have just elevated yourself in the eyes of the scammers.

Once you have identified someone as a scammer you should block them to prevent them from contacting you again. On most instant messenger services, you can simply right click on the person’s name and then select the “block” option. This will ensure that they cannot contact you or even see you online. You can also block emails by going into your options and adding the person’s email address to your “Blocked Addresses” lists. If you do not block a scammer, they may continue bothering you or sending you potentially harmful files and links.

Report any suspicious messages received via official UTHSC means to abuse@uthsc.edu.

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Stay safe and #BeCyberSmart