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Cybersecurity Tip for Working Remote – using your own device


As many of our workforce and most of our student population have moved to working from home, the Office of Cybersecurity will be highlighting some tips that can be found on our working remote resource page, https://uthsc.edu/its/remote-work.

If you are using your home computer, make sure you have a password on it. Make a separate account for UTHSC work and don’t share that password with others who live with you.

No matter what type of device you have, a simple Google search will give you instructions on how to set up a new user on your computer.  Use this when working for UTHSC.

Then LOCK YOU DEVICE when you leave the area. This way, when curious eyes and hands wander in, they can’t see data they shouldn’t, or search browser history to see what you’ve accessed.

DO NOT STORE PASSWORDS in your browser. If your computer is unprotected, then anyone can click and sign in as you if the password is stored. 

Feel free to contact the Office of Cybersecurity with any security related questions at itsecurity@uthsc.edu

Stay safe!