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Cybersecurity Scam of the Week – Zelle Payment due to Suspicious Activity


Back in May, we first reported on a scam that starts as a phishing text warning about fraudulent activity and wanting you to protect your money by moving it to a Zelle account. This type of scam is again on the rise, so here’s a reminder on how to spot these frauds and what to do if you receive this type of text.

First, what is Zelle?  Zelle is an application used by many banks as a fast and easy way to send and receive money. It ties your bank account(s) online so you can easily transfer money, to friends or even pay for items or services. 

Zelle has produced this YouTube video, only 1:21 long, to explain how to spot the scam and what to do. 

What has been reported to abuse@uthsc.edu this past week?

  • ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT – (you got to love the ALL CAPS to get your attention) – this was delivered from a compromised account from another UT campus, looking for the recipients to fall for a too-good-to-be-true scam. 
  • [Ext] Invoice GT-512487 from N?rt?n Billing Desk – a phish advising that hundreds of dollars have already been charged to renew a subscription. You have to call a phone number to dispute. 
  • [Ext] Immediate payment request – the was an “urgent” request about an “overdue” payment. The trheat was a loss of your credit rating and/or court action against you. 
  • [Ext] ASSISTANT NEEDED!!!! – this one was from an external email address but said there was a job opening in a specific department at UT. 
  • [Ext] Fwd: Invoice from Congratulations Charged Approved – This looked like it came from PayPal, but it didn’t.
  • [Ext] From Sales – wanting the recipient to open an attachment.

Keep reporting suspicious emails to abuse@uthsc.edu for examination. If you wish to report an incident to the Office of Cybersecurity, use TechConnect.