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Cybersecurity – SCAM of the Week – Phishing Email in Higher Education


This week’s scam hits very close to home with a University reporting a phishing attempt that appeared to come from their IT Help Desk warning the recipients there was irregular activity on their account. The email says that their username and password are needed to restore the account. KEEP YOUR PASSWORDS PRIVATE!

Our ITS Help Desk will never ask for your password. If you get an email that states they need your password, it is a PHISH! Don’t fall for it. 

Also red flags to look for:

  • sense of urgency – you have to act NOW or you will lose privileges
  • the actual email address is not the one used by the organization
  • wanting you to do something against policy or normal procedures

The Office of Cybersecurity has a webpage with tips on how to protect yourself and your devices. Visit https://uthsc.edu/its/cybersecurity/protect-yourself.php to learn what to look for.  

Also reported to abuse@uthsc.edu this past week:

  • [Ext] ******* REF:857268 – a targeted phishing attempt trying to look like it came from Microsoft OneDrive
  • [Ext] UTHSC Outstanding Invoice – wanting the recipient to click on a link
  • [Ext] 8799271526-791_DownloadAUDIO – couldn’t figure out if they were pretending to be a fax or a voicemail recording

Stay safe and continue to #BeCyberSmart