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Cybersecurity – SCAM of the Week – Emotet Botnet delivered through phishing emails


Did that title confuse you? What is Emotet? What is a botnet? Why should I care?
First, a botnet is a network of internet devices working together, hardly ever for good. The term “botnet” is formed from the words “robot” and “network”. The bots (the individual machines) serve as a tool to automate mass attacks, such as data theft, server crashing, and malware distribution.
Emotet is botnet that hadn’t been seen since February springing back up in July. “Emotet is a highly effective malware that is capable of downloading and installing a range of additional malware that often steal information, send malicious email, and spread across networks using infected devices to launch future attacks,” says Sherrod DeGrippo, Proofpoint’s senior director of threat research.

This latest campaign started with phishing emails asking the user to open a malicious Word document or containing a web address (URL) and asking the user to click on it.
If your are still interested in learning more, see that article at https://www.govinfosecurity.com/emotet-botnet-returns-after-months-long-hiatus-a-14654.

Other phishing scams reported to abuse@uthsc.edu this week:

  • Greeting from Stephen Li – soliciting email looking for a “serious business investment” for a private client.
  • UTHSC Outstanding Invoice – asking the user to click on a OneDrive link.

Report any suspicious UTHSC communication to abuse@uthsc.edu. We can investigate and let you know if it is a phish or a legitimate email.

Stay safe everyone!