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Cybersecurity Alert – Twitter hacked due to social engineering


You may have heard that Twitter was hacked yesterday, resulting in numerous takeovers of high-profile accounts. Hackers got in by targeting employees with privileges to internal systems and tools. Allegedly, they used these tools to takeover the accounts, resetting account emails and passwords. Twitter is investigating to see what other malicious activity they may have conducted.

Do you think you are safe because you are not “high-profile”? Looking at the bigger picture, there are around 15 billion credentials in circulation in cyber-criminal marketplaces.

We strongly suggest monitoring your accounts for suspicious activity and checking to see if your email address has been part of a breach.  You can use this website, haveibeenpwned.com. Type in your email address to see if it has been part of a breach. If so, and you haven’t changed your password since the date of the breach, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!

Stay safe!