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COVID-19 Vaccination Information


I continue to be impressed and inspired by how you have navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic since it first impacted our organization in March 2020.

In the interest of public health, we are strongly encouraging all faculty, students and staff to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination clinics as soon as it is available and you are eligible to receive the vaccine.  At this time, the UT System is not mandating this measure because 1) it has only emergency authorization now and 2) even if the vaccine(s) get full FDA approval, it is on allocation and we can’t mandate that employees get something that they may not have access to.

The State of Tennessee has launched an informative website that explains the state’s COVID-19 vaccination plan:  https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/health/cedep/ncov/covid-19-vaccine-information/getting-a-covid-19-vaccine-information.html.  You can also sign up to receive text alerts when your vaccination phase is available in your county:  https://covid19.tn.gov/covid-19-vaccines/eligibility/.

We will certainly share more information as it becomes available to us.  And, as a reminder, please visit https://tennessee.edu/coronavirus/ for additional updates.

Randy Boyd