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COVID-19 Cyber Attacks on the rise


Please, please, please be cautious of any emails received regarding COVID-19. The latest report is showing there are at least 15 distinct campaigns from 11 known threat groups distributing 39 different malware families, all related to COVID-19. We recognize that everyone is looking for information, but go to only reputable sites to get that info.

The best place to start is UTHSC’s own webpage: https://uthsc.edu/coronavirus/

From that homepage is a wealth of information. Under the Resources tab are verified links to other organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), among others.

DO NOT CLICK ON A LINK IN AN EMAIL OR A SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE. This is the easiest way for a “bad actor” to infiltrate.

If you receive a questionable email, please report it to abuse@uthsc.edu. If it is bad, we will make every attempt to block the sender so that no one else has the opportunity to become a victim.

You all are our human firewall. You are a best defense in not letting those who shouldn’t be on our network get through. The Office of Cybersecurity is here to help at itsecurity@uthsc.edu.

Stay safe everyone!