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Course announcement – “Business & Entrepreneurship in the Biomedical Sciences”


Are you interested in a career in industry or in learning about how entrepreneurs in the biomedical, biotech, and pharmaceutical sectors start new companies and develop new products? In course PHAC-832 (CRN 20747), “Business & Entrepreneurship for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Scientists” students in any UTHSC degree program can earn 2 credit hours while learning about founding a business, protecting your ideas, raising money, taking a product through the FDA, and more.

This course is led by Dr. Richard Magid (rmagid1@uthsc.edu or 448-1562), Director of Technology Transfer for UTHSC and features lectures by executives and professionals at local companies. There are no prerequisites, and grading is based on two small individual projects and one group project. The class meets once a week, Wednesday afternoons from 3-5PM.