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Changes in Molecular Resource Center Services-Sanger sequencing will end Sept. 15, 2020


Dear Faculty and Research Staff:

The Molecular Resource Center (MRC) institutional core is revising services in FY21.

1) After July 31st, 2020, please contact Lorne Rose or William Taylor (Core Director) to purchase reagents, to request Agilent bio-analyzer services, to use the QIAcube or for training on the Roche LC480 real-time PCR instruments.

2) Going forward, all samples to be sent to external vendors (GeneWiz, Transnetyx, etc.) must be received by a MRC staff member by 2pm CST, or samples will be held until the next business day for shipping.

3) Please also be advised that, effective Tuesday, September 15th, 2020, Sanger sequencing services will no longer be offered at the MRC. Sequencing services will be exclusively available through a negotiated contract, at discounted pricing, from an external vendor, GENEWIZ. Your lab will be billed for GENEWIZ services through the MRC.

For those investigators that wish to use the GENEWIZ for sequencing services, please drop prepared samples at the MRC before 2 pm for shipment on the same day.

Detailed sample submission requirements for GENEWIZ are available here:


A reminder of GENEWIZ sequencing services requisition procedures is below:

If you already have a GENEWIZ account, please sign in online, click the “Quick Links” “Sanger Sequencing” service and then choose your reaction type. A sample submission wizard will assist you in completing the required form fields. Example information needed will be the name of template (no special characters allowed), length of template sequence, template concentration, custom primer name (no special characters allowed) and whether or not the template to be sequenced is standard or is “difficult” (such as GC-rich, RNAi, hairpins).

After sample data entry, select “Review Order”, then “Add to Cart”, which will launch the billing page. The sample submission method should be “Ship samples to GENEWIZ lab”, and the shipping address will be the PI’s lab address. For the billing address, users should use the MRC business manager’s office address:

19 S Manassas St.
Cancer Res. Bldg.
Room: 152
Memphis, Tennessee 38163

Next, select PO as the payment type and enter MRC42473 as the PO to obtain negotiated pricing. You may save this PO number in your account for future use. Note that users must enter “MRC42473” into the PO field on the billing page to obtain the UTHSC contract negotiated pricing. If the “bill to” address and PO field guidelines are not followed, users will be billed list prices for sequencing services. Users will be billed for GENEWIZ services via iLab by the MRC at the close of each calendar month.

For details about account setup, sample requirements, quality control procedures at GENEWIZ or the UTHSC pre-negotiated pricing, please call GENEWIZ directly at 908-222-0711.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Tiffany Seagroves, PhD, Associate VC for Research—Core Laboratories.