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Change in Email Forwarding Policy for Faculty, Staff, and Students on December 14, 2021


Starting December 14, 2021, all UT system faculty, staff, students, and departmental accounts will no longer be able to automatically forward university emails to a personal email address.

For anyone automatically forwarding your email to a non-UT email address, ITS recommends that you begin using your UTHSC email account as soon as possible to prevent an interruption in services.

UT’s Microsoft 365 Outlook is available for all. You can learn more about your UT email account options in TechConnect. Additional information about this change will be available later this month.

What if I have a business reason for an exemption?

We continue to evaluate the use of auto-forwarding for work-related exceptions. Faculty and staff will be able to request an exemption for qualifying email domains later this month.

Why is the University making this change?

Forwarding your email to an external email address presents an unnecessary risk to the university. It does not relieve the university or employee from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or other types of discovery. Therefore, the restrictions on email forwarding are made as part of a continuous effort to protect the university’s information.