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How Can I Revitalize My Classroom with Workforce Development Concepts?


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College is not about job development, but higher education is still widely considered an essential part of career development.

For years, faculty and students alike have struggled with these contradictory ideas.

It turns out, they did not have to.

In How Can I Revitalize My Classroom with Workforce Development Concepts? you will see how the same principles and techniques employers use to groom and develop new hires can help you with classroom revitalization— without sacrificing course content.

Drawing on transition theory and teaching experience, this Magna 20-Minute Mentor will guide you through the practical side of pedagogy. You will learn how adaptations of common workforce development practices can help you get more out of your students and help your students get more out of their college experience.

Learning Goals
After watching this presentation, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Identify key concepts and principles of workforce development
  • Employ workforce development techniques in your classroom
  • Recognize the pragmatic potential of pedagogy
  • Design effective combinations of academic studies and workforce preparation

Topics Covered
This presentation will show you how preparing students for the workplace not only doesn’t interfere with pedagogy but also actively supports academic objectives. The program covers the following:

  • Workforce development concepts as tools for classroom revitalization
  • Course structure ideas to introduce students to standards for professional behavior
  • Techniques for using course assignments to develop students’ professional engagement with their fields
  • Course completion exercises that prepare students for future courses or their careers