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How Can I Leverage Force Multipliers in the Classroom? Monday Morning Mentor


How Can I Leverage Force Multipliers in the Classroom?

February 19, 2018 and on-demand for one week

Click this link to access the password on Blackboard.

This presentation will show you how to enhance your productivity and improve your efficiency by accessing a host of what could easily be described as virtual teaching assistants. You’ll learn how to get help with all the things that matter to you: grading, teaching, interacting with students, conducting research, and kindling students’ interest in learning. 

The key is to meet today’s students where they are and make full use of the digital tools available to you. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use YouTube to promote active learning and simplify course management
  • Boost student retention with tools like Calendly and Remind 
  • Upgrade your online research skills by increasing your Google search knowledge 
  • Streamline your feedback process by using test expanders 
  • Improve student learning with “first fives”