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How Can I Engage Generation C?


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If students today seem different, it’s easy to see why. The average college freshman in 2017 has never known a world without Google. For them, information has always been available on demand and interactivity is key. No wonder they have a different approach to learning.

And no wonder savvy instructors are striving to meet these students where they are–even if it’s on a smart phone.

In How Can I Engage Generation C?, you’ll learn the techniques you need to teach today’s digital natives.

You’ll also gain insight into Generation C, which is more than the latest age-based designation. The term refers to students of any age who embrace the digital world and its constant connectivity, content creation, and community.

This session shows you new ways to develop feedback channels that inspire and involve these students while providing you with valuable formative assessments.

Learning Goals

After watching this presentation, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the unique learning style of Generation C
  • Design formative assessments using backchanneling
  • Employ digital and low-tech tools to help students connect with course content

Topics Covered

In just 20 minutes, this presentation covers the nature of the Generation C phenomenon and how it relates to classroom management, formative assessment tools, and low- and no-cost techniques for enhancing student engagement. From cell phones to Post-Its, this presentation is full of practical tips on how to connect with students.