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Campus Safety and Emergency Management: Product Hazard, TOMY Centrifuges


Source: “The Bottom Line”, UTHSC Finance and Operations

UTHSC has received notification that our campus may be utilizing one of the following machines manufactured by TOMY KOKYO CO., LTD. (“TOMY”):

MX-300 120V (Serial numbers from 36080001 to 39080020)
MX-301 120V (Serial numbers from 39325001 to 44325003)
MX-305 120V (Serial numbers from 44366001 to 47366005)
MX-107 (Except serial numbers from 51392069 to 51392073 and serial numbers beginning with 52 and 53)
MX-207 (Except serial numbers from 51393046 to 51393050 and serial numbers beginning with 52 and 53)
MX-307 120V (Serial numbers from 48395001 to 50395009)

It has been reported that the chamber lids of certain TOMY MX-Series High Speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuges and TOMY MicroTWIN Refrigerated Tabletop Micro Centrifuge may accidentally open while in use if the rotor rack is not installed into the rotor properly.  This may create a dangerous situation for the person operating the centrifuge.

To prevent such accidents from occurring, TOMY has designed a few safety upgrades, and is issuing a voluntary service offering to upgrade the above models.  They will send service personnel to the users’ facility for the upgrade.  To avoid any liability for damage or injuries caused by the above centrifuges, the customer (UTHSC) should immediately investigate whether any of the foregoing centrifuges are being used by its staff.  If these centrifuges are being utilized, the department is asked to check their equipment inventory and report no later than August 1 if you have any of the listed centrifuges.

Research units/investigators are asked to contact Tim Barton, Research Safety Affairs Director, by email at tbarton4@uthsc.edu.

Non-research entities should contact Scott Campbell, Campus Safety Officer, at scampb62@uthsc.edu.

These two individuals will respond directly to the manufacturer on behalf of the university to register for the update.  The company will arrange to install the upgrades to the equipment. This service will take approximately thirty (30) minutes and will be offered at no cost to users.