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Campus Safety and Emergency Management: Hazardous Weather Notifications


Anyone can join on their own. Pass the word!

This list provides consolidated High Impact Weather Notices, and Hazardous Weather Outlooks generated by the National Weather Service and other federal, local sources/ entities to the UTHSC community as they happen.

These are specifically for campus business and operational entities that may need them for planning purposes such as cancelling/changing events or work on campus.

Often these notices will come sooner than may be portrayed on normal media outlets. Campus Safety has access to information as it is directly issued from the NWS in Memphis.

Note: Not used for general weather information, and are only sent when certain thresholds are met.

Why these are needed, and why you should join: Resilience starts with you!

In an effort to introduce a culture of preparedness for the University, communication of risk is extremely important. The more prepared the individual or group is in mitigating risk, the more resilient the University will be as a whole.  The ability to notify staff, faculty, and students of hazardous weather conditions fosters a more prepared and safe environment as well as promoting effective risk management at all levels.

1. Hazard Weather Outlooks: when a weather statement is issued to provide information of potential severe weather events within a set of days. The impact/outlook may include information about potential severe thunderstorms, heavy rain or flooding, winter weather, extremes temperatures.

2. High Impact Weather notifications: The goal of these notices is to focus on providing more information to staff, faculty and students facilitating improved public response and decision making; and meeting societal needs in the most life-threatening weather events.

Current customers of the notifications: Campus Administration, Campus Police, HR, Special Events, Facilities Services, Colleges of Medicine/Dental/Pharmacy and COHP, GEB, Student Alumni Center, Region One Medical Center Safety, Flintco, and others.

To sign up:

  1. https://listserv.uthsc.edu/mailman/listinfo/hazweather
  2. Fill out Email/Name (don’t worry about password) – and submit.

Feel free to contact with any questions:

On the web: https://uthsc.edu/campus-safety/index.php

Scott Campbell, Campus Emergency Management and Safety Officer

Safety Office – Facilities

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

201 East Street, Room 209

Memphis, TN, 38163

Email: Scampb62@uthsc.edu

(901) 448-1334 (W)

(504) 377-2619 (C)