Bus Bunch from Cooper-Young to UTHSC


Have you ever ridden the bus in Memphis?  Do you live in Cooper-Young and commute to UTHSC or the Medical District? Commute Options and the Cooper-Young Community Association are hosting “Bus Bunch” rides this month to help you learn how to use the bus routes that are close to you.  Our first bus route will be on the 56 bus tomorrow morning, Thursday the 9th.  We will meet at the bus stop at Mclean and Young Ave.  to catch the 56 bus at 7:45.  We will be there starting around 7:30 so feel free to come and discuss your return journey for later in the day.

On Friday, the 10th, we will be riding the 2 bus from Cooper-Young at the Evelyn and Cooper bus stop.  This bus will pick up at 7:23 so be sure and consider your walk time.  Google maps works great to estimate travel time.  We recommend arriving at the stop at 7:15.

If you have never ridden the bus this is a great opportunity to learn about routes that might be a good option for you to make your Journey each day to the Medical District.  Commute Options will pay for your bus fare so don’t worry about having cash.  It looks like it might rain some so be sure and have an umbrella and rain boots.

Here is a Facebook event for Thursday’s Bus Bunch and here is the Facebook event for Friday’s bus bunch.