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Blackboard Upgrade is Complete


We are pleased to announce that UTHSC’s upgrade to Blackboard (BB) has successfully occurred, and we are able to release the system back to you earlier than expected. The effort to complete the required upgrade was executed by a team of Information Technology Services’ (ITS) and Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) staff.

In addition to new features to make Blackboard easier to use, this upgrade included a move to Blackboard’s cloud-hosted service (SaaS). SaaS provides a number of benefits to users including zero or minimal downtime in future updates and improved scalability to accommodate more users during periods of high usage.

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Users should experience the same system navigation tools and menus. If you discover any anomalies, or if Blackboard is not performing as you would expect, please contact Blackboard Support. Blackboard support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.