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Biostatistics Seminar on Monday, March 12, hosted by the Division of Biostatistics


Dear Colleagues,

The Division of Biostatistics at the Department of Preventive Medicine invites you to attend the following seminar by our speaker, Dr. Hyeonju Kim, Preventive Medicine, UTHSC.

Date: Monday, 03/12/2018

Time: 2 P.M.

Place: 4th Floor Conference Room 400 in the Doctors Office Building at 66 N. Pauline Street, Memphis, TN 38105. Please park in the multi-story parking garage adjacent to the Doctors Office Building, and bring your parking card with you so we can give you a validation ticket.

Presenter: Dr. Hyeonju Kim, Preventive Medicine, UTHSC

Title: Efficient algorithms for detecting GxE in Multivariate Linear Model

Abstract: We develop a multivariate linear mixed model for detecting gene-environment interactions when there are many environments, and we have information annotating the environments.  Our prototype example datasets are on segregating plant populations grown in multiple sites in multiple years.  We will have information on the weather in each year as well as site-specific information such as latitude.  The goal is to find QTLs that depend on latitude accounting for weather patterns that vary by year.  We formulate a linear mixed model where traits can be correlated due to genomewide similarities (genetic kinship) and due to weather similarities (“climate kinship”) between environments.  We implement an efficient algorithm that uses an Expectation Conditional Maximization (ECM) algorithm in conjunction with an acceleration step.  Its simulation study will be presented.

We look forward to seeing you all among us.

Mehmet Kocak, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Department of Preventive Medicine, UTHSC