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BIG Meeting


Biomedical Informatics Group will convene on Friday, October 24, 2014 from noon – 1 pm, 910 Madison, Room 502.  Mark Sakauye, Program Manager at UTHSC-ORNL Center for Biomedical informatics will be presenting a demo for“UNITY” a responsive and flexible rapid deployment patient-data management system. Unity packages all the benefits of our experience with our Slim-Prim and SP+ systems as well as with the REDCap system. Unity is written in Python and runs on the PostgreSQL relational database system–both are open source and well validated.

Mark supervises and leads the development of new biomedical informatics software tools and leads the ongoing maintenance and evolution of existing in-house clinical data management systems such as Slim-Prim and SP+. He has led the design, development and deployment of multiple federally funded tools developed in Slim-Prim and SP+. He works directly with users to meet their demands, from pre-planning to development, testing, production, deployment and expansion.

Please join us!


Mark Sukauye
Program Manager,

UTHSC-ORNL Center for Biomedical Informatics



Unity Demo

“Unity is a responsive and flexible rapid deployment patient-data management system based on the collective experience of the CBMI in data management systems”

Questions? email the Center for Biomedical Informatics: bmi@uthsc.edu