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Beginner Hike and Intro to Bouldering


Please join the UTHSC Outdoor Recreation Department for a beginner hike in Shelby Forrest, Friday April 27th

Only 40 minutes from Memphis, Meeman-Shelby Forest offers more than 20 miles of trails that wind throughout the park. It is a beautiful resource that provides a wilderness environment you can pack into a day-hike!

Our walk in the woods will be along the paved bike path for a leisurely 5 mile hike. We will meet at Shelby Forrest 1pm on April 27th, and we should be off of the trail by 4pm at the latest.

UTHSC does not provide transportation to or from Shelby Forrest.

If you need a pack, you can rent a daypack from the UT Outdoor Rec rental shop! Rental is free for students. This will be a great practice hike for those who are planning longer hikes in the future.

If you are interested in signing up for the hike, please contact Outdoor Recreation Coordinator Erin Jennings at erinjennings@uthsc.edu.

The deadline for registration is Thursday, April 26th at 7pm.

This is a UTHSC Outdoor Recreation Department Event.


Join The UTHSC Outdoor Rec Department for our Intro to Bouldering class on May 3rd or schedule private bouldering instruction!


The UTHSC Outdoor Recreation Department is offering an Intro to Bouldering class May 3rd at 5:30PM. The class will be held at the indoor bouldering wall located in The UTHSC Fitness Center. This class functions as an introduction to indoor bouldering with transferable skills to outdoor bouldering and climbing.

The class size is limited to 10 participants and will be open on a first come first serve basis with enrollment beginning at 5pm.


Private bouldering instruction is also available!

The cost is $160 per six ½ hour sessions.

Contact Erin Jennings at erinjennings@uthsc.edu to schedule private sessions.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its raw essentials. Leaving behind ropes and harnesses and just using climbing shoes and a bag of chalk over safety mats, your challenge is to climb short but tricky bouldering “problems” (a route, or sequence of moves) using balance, technique, strength, and your brain.

You don’t need experience or lots of expensive kit to have a go – making it really easy to get into if you’ve never tried it before.

The climbs are high enough to be exciting, but not so high that they’re hugely intimidating. Using safety mats means that the risks of falling off can be managed, and leaving the ropes behind means that you are free to concentrate on the climbing, not the equipment. It’s just you, the wall, and your friends on the ground egging you on.