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Be One UT


The University of Tennessee | Office of the President


We have important work to do together and we need each other.  Values help center us as an organization, and establishing a clear set of values will help us build the greatest decade in UT history—together.

At today’s UT Board of Trustees meeting, a new values campaign was unveiled:  Be One UT.  Having a clear set of values we are all aligned around helps ensure everyone is working toward the same goals.  These values are intended to shape culture across the system and build purpose, improve team cohesion and create a sense of shared commitment in the workplace.

  • Bold and impactful, serving the state by tackling grand challenges
  • Embrace diversity, acknowledging and respecting individual differences and organizational uniqueness that makes UT stronger
  • Optimistic and visionary, empowering courageous leadership
  • Nimble and innovative, inspiring creative and transformational action
  • Excel in all UT does, committing to continuous improvement and outstanding performance
  • United and connected, collaborating internally and externally for greater collective impact
  • Transparent and trusted, fostering integrity through openness, accountability and stewardship

These values are not intended to remain static and collect dust.  Our values are action oriented.  It is our guide—our roadmap—for working with our students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, legislators and anyone else who may be impacted by the critical work we do.  We will be obsessive about our values, know them by heart and exemplify them each day.

More information about our implementation plan will be coming soon.  In the meantime, please visit tennessee.edu/values for additional details and downloadable posters.


Randy Boyd