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Annual Campus Space Survey

Campus-Wide Annual Space Survey

The University of Tennessee is conducting its Annual Verification of Space Inventory during the period of June 1st  through July 10th The Office of Space Planning and Utilization conducts an Annual Space Survey in order to update and maintain the University’s Space Database.

UTHSC is required by both state and federal regulations to maintain an accurate inventory of space in all buildings owned and leased by the university.   This information is used to request federal research reimbursements, state funding for new construction and renovation projects and is a key component of our Campus Master Plan.  Also, The Tennessee Higher Education Commission request UT to report facilities data for all campuses as a part of the space justification process directly tied to funding. Funding issues tied directly to this data remain an important topic for all UT campuses and your careful and accurate work on this project is very important and greatly appreciated. Meeting this deadline is very important since there are a number of processes that must take place after the departmental data entry.

What is the Space Survey?
The survey collects information such as room type, room usage, room occupants and accounts that fund sponsored research activities for the average functional use throughout the fiscal year.   This information is used for the financial statement allocations, internal/external reporting and analysis, master planning, facilities maintenance and logistics.

Why is the Annual Space Survey Important?
The federal and state regulations govern calculations for funding.  The Office of Space Planning and Utilization is responsible for maintaining campus’ comprehensive space management system.  The facilities component of UTHSC’s Federal F&A rate is allocated based on the results of the survey.

What impact will you have?
The quality of your response determines the accuracy and defensibility of the allocation of costs in the F&A Rate Proposal. The final F&A rate negotiated determines the amount of money recovered by UTHSC to support the current and future resources requirements of the campus’ research enterprise.  (If necessary, interviews of the responsible PI and staff within the rooms should be conducted to substantiate the information being reported in the survey.)  

Recent changes to the Space Survey:
The space survey instructions and procedures for completing the survey have changed slightly.  Please use the below link to access the instructions and supporting documents which will assist you in the process:

Training Materials include the following:

  • Facilities Space Survey Instructions– Detailed Instructions
  • Condensed Instructions
  • Getting Started Common Questions About Area Types – List of the room use, room use codes and room use descriptions
  • Room Function Codes – list the room functions codes and descriptions
  • Personnel Information
  • Quick Notes and Reminders
  • Space Inventory Verification Form

Accessing & Completing the Space Survey:
Before you start, print a list of all of your buildings and room numbers assigned to your cost center by using IRIS transaction ZRE_Inventory_List (Space Inventory Data Overview).  When the ZRE_Inventory_List opens, the only information you need to enter is the responsible cost center located toward the middle of your screen.   To print a report that shows all of the staff working in a room, you will need to use the transaction ZRE_SPACE_PRSN.  The ZRE_Inventory_List report can only one person per room, therefore, it has limited use for checking your personnel assignments.  Complete the survey using IRIS transaction ZRE_Space_Survey (Complete Space Survey)

Training Sessions:
The purpose of this training is to help surveyors better understand the space survey process and its link to campus funding. Jolene Clark, Management Specialist in Real Property & Space Administration, will conduct training sessions and answer questions related to documenting the information required for the survey.

You are highly encouraged to register for one the following ZOOM Training Sessions:


  • Wednesday, June 3rd at 8:30 am – 10:30 am  (Beginners Zoom Training Session)
  • Thursday, June 4th  at 8:30 pm – 10:30 am (Advance Zoom Training Session)

If you are not directly responsible for verifying space inventory, please forward this email to the correct individual(s). If you are missing rooms or changes are identified to the building, floor, room number or square footage, notify Shuntae Gilliam, Space Planning and Utilization, Coordinator, via email at sbrown50@uthsc.edu.