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Annual Bioinformatics Retreat 2020



Saturday, March 21, 2020


Sunday, March 22, 2020




Drs. Pjotr Prins and David Ashbrook will organize a 2-day retreat to share their experience with integrative tools and data analysis for biomedical applications. This will be accompanied by practicals with real life examples on how to pursue analysis through the web using R. On Day 1, we will explain how to use a REST API from R and give examples of fetching information from valuable resources over the internet. On Day 2, we will discuss the value of graph databases and explore some the semantic web. To be able to execute tasks some minimal R or Python programming is required. Even if you can’t program you can learn something by looking at the work of others.

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Freeman Auditorium

930 Madison Avenue-3rd Floor, Memphis, TN 38103