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Announcing the launch of the Research Rainmaker! 


The Office of Research is pleased to announce the launch of the Research Rainmaker!

The Research Rainmaker was originally created as a newsletter to support our researchers in the advancement of public scholarship, accelerating the application of discoveries, and communicating their significance to many audiences. This online platform is an evolution of both that newsletter and The Office of Research’s web presence, providing a space for us to combine the best of UTHSC’s research news and events channels into a single, dynamic site that presents a compelling picture of UTHSC research.

The Office of Research plans to continually develop The Rainmaker into an online center that brings together multimedia content in a single platform with the ability to reach audiences through an array of media channels. In addition to combining content and resources from across umbrella units within the Office of Research into a single, easily searchable site, future plans for The Rainmaker include offering topic-based RSS feeds to other UTHSC sites to provide tailored content based on consumer preference.

The Rainmaker’s immediate online offerings include:

  • video library with educational videos that provide an introduction to the different clinical trial offices, divisions, and institutes that fall under the Office of Research purview.
  • A research news focus that leverages content as a primary news source for faculty, staff, and students. The blog represents the next step for the Rainmaker’s evolution as an online-first publication.
  • An interactive “Ask the Expert” tool for readers to submit questions.
  • searchable archive of all the stories from our print newsletter.
  • A platform to display research content that all of the University’s online promotions can point to, as well as a content-rich landing page for people who arrive at the Office of Research website through content searches.
  • The ability to tag content and group related content around particular topics.

In developing this site, we hope to better advance UTHSC Research’s mission to “cultivate and support discovery, innovation, commercialization, and economic growth within the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and the State of Tennessee, with the dedication to improve the health of Tennesseans, the Nation, and the Global community.”

Please visit and bookmark https://rainmaker.uthsc.edu/ and check back often for news and updates!