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2021 President’s Awards Nominations


Please nominate a colleague for the 2021 UT President’s Awards today – we need your nominations by Sunday, February 21 @ 11:59pm!

We’ve made it quick to submit your nomination. You may nominate one person per category.

Read more about this prestigious award below or click here to complete a simple nomination form now! It takes only 1-2 minutes to provide the name of a nominee and a few sentences as to how the nominee stands out in the category for which you are nominating him/her!

Nomination link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=2RNYUX1x3UWeypqhnAnW-V0Tm9XqgLtErSno4vaL5H9UQkQ4RUYxVzJEMVpEVEJNSTBBSFo2UUIxMi4u&wdLOR=c30B09402-A68A-40FD-A681-4061C5B96319

You may nominate one person per category; so, a total of 5 staff or faculty, one in each category. To do that, just re-enter the survey.

Because of your excellent nominations in 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017, UTHSC faculty/staff received SEVEN of the UT President’s Awards!

  • Diversity Award: Michael Alston, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Equity and Diversity/Chief Diversity Officer, 2020
  • Discover Award: Karen Johnson, professor and chair, Department of Preventive Medicine, College of Medicine, 2019. Sam Dagogo-Jack, professor in the Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, 2018. Guy Reed, then department chair of Medicine in the College of Medicine, 2017.
  • Support Award: Kathy Gibbs, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Academic Support Services and Inclusion, 2019. Steve Butler, Director of Instructional Technology in Information Technology Services, 2017.
  • Educate Award: Trevor Sweatman, professor in the department of pharmacology, College of Medicine, 2018.

Let’s get one or two more this year!

What is this about? The UT President’s Award is a system-wide awards program recognizing outstanding contributions of our faculty and staff in the areas of education, research, outreach, and support.

  • Education: honors accomplishments that enhance educational offerings and diverse learning environments
  • Discover: honors discoveries and applications of knowledge
  • Connect: honors outreach, engagement and service efforts and programs
  • Support: honors efforts in support of educational excellence; discoveries and applications of knowledge; and outreach, engagement and service
  • Diversity: honors the extraordinary effort of a faculty or staff member in support of the university’s commitment of diversity and inclusive excellence

What is being asked of me? We need you to nominate deserving UTHSC faculty and staff for these awards; which are considered to be the highest honor a UT employee can receive.

Who is eligible? Eligibility criteria:

  • Regular, full-time faculty or staff
  • Located at ANY of our UTHSC locations
  • Employed for at least 5 years prior to date of nomination
  • Free from any disciplinary actions including performance improvement plans for the past 5 years
  • Overall performance regularly and consistently exceeds expectations

Who is not eligible?

  • Prior President’s Award winners
  • UT System Administration vice presidents
  • Campus/institute chancellors and vice chancellors
  • Foundation officers and IPS assistant vice presidents

We hope you will take a moment to nominate a deserving colleague today!

Read about the UT President’s Awards here:


Dr. Chandra Alston, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources


Dr. Cindy Russell, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs