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Medical Education at the Crossroads

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A committed educational institution is always moving forward. That’s why the UTHSC College of Medicine is constantly adapting, re-evaluating itself and exploring better teaching methods. It turns the lens of research on its own educational programs to make them stronger. It builds new curriculum to leave graduates better prepared to… Read More


Medical Education at the Crossroads: Bridging the Gap

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Continued from … A New Perspective As how the College of Medicine teaches is being transformed, where it teaches is also changing. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is expanding geographically, extending its reach across the state to offer new opportunities to students from middle Tennessee. UTHSC and Saint Thomas… Read More


Medical Education at the Crossroads: Team Building

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Continued from … Bridging the Gap The future of health care education is emerging in the heart of the UTHSC campus. When the new $24.1 million, 45,000-square-foot Multidisciplinary Simulation Building, going up in the footprint of the obsolete Feurt Pharmacy Research Building at 26 S. Dunlap Street, is finished in the… Read More


UTHSC Nurse Practitioner Student Awarded Scholarship from Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation


Katherine “Kat” Petree, a nurse practitioner student at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), has been helped in her studies and rewarded for her contributions in patient care. Petree, a candidate for a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, has received a scholarship from the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation… Read More