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WKNO-TV Spotlights UTHSC Glioma Researcher, Neurosurgeon in Local Cancer Report

As local programming to go with the Ken Burns documentary, “Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies,” WKNO-TV came to campus to film this informative video featuring the glioma, or brain cancer, research of Dr. Lawrence Pfeffer, Muirhead Professor of Pathology and director of the Center for Cancer Research at UTHSC.


The station also produced this touching report featuring Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and Dr. Frederick Boop, professor and chair of Neurosurgery at UTHSC.

A Window to the Past and a Gift to the Future: UTHSC’s College of Nursing Looks for Memorabilia from Early Grads

Ditamore Memorabilia

Items such as these donated by the family of Nursing grad Elizabeth Allene Vance Ditamore, class of 1940, help paint a picture of nursing through the years.

The diploma Elizabeth Allene Vance received from the University of Tennessee School of Nursing in 1940 was her ticket to see the world.

[Read more...]

A Vision for the Future: Advance to Top Quartile

Steve J. Schwab, MDVision has been defined as “the art of seeing what others can’t.” In his more than three years as executive dean of the UT College of Medicine, Steve J. Schwab, MD, has consistently practiced that art. During his tenure as executive dean, he has actively sought and enthusiastically seized new opportunities to advance the college and its myriad departments on three major campus sites across the state. Undoubtedly those abilities contributed to his appointment as chancellor for UTHSC, a role he assumed in June 2010.

Although he has shifted into the leading administrative role at UTHSC and will transition from the position as executive dean, Dr. Schwab is committed to tenaciously pursuing a long-term, strategic vision for the College of Medicine (COM). That vision is to advance the UT COM into the top quartile of academic medical institutions in the country.

Dr. Schwab recently spoke with Medicine magazine about his vision. [Read more...]

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Right Here In Memphis Marketing Campaign

In January 2009, the UTHSC Communications and Marketing Department launched a new marketing campaign titled “Right Here In Memphis.” The campaign’s goal is to promote awareness of the university’s presence in and impact on the Memphis community.

Samples of the campaign ads appear below. New creative executions will be added as the campaign continues.

Please click the ads to read about the latest research, education and patient care happening right here in Memphis at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. [Read more...]